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Yorkshire Farmers Market

( Harrogate / Knaresborough / York )


FB/Skipton Farmers and Craft Market                                                       

Horsforth Farmers Market                                                                             

Hovingham Farmers Market                                                                             

Real Food Ilkley Market

Pub in the Park Festival

Yorkshire Dales Food Festival

Malton Farmers Market / Malton Food Festival 

Clumber Park Nottingham Food Festival 



1st Ilkley Farmers market

6th York Farmers market
7th Horsforth Farmers market
12th Harrogate Farmers market

14th Malton Farmers market
15th Skipton Farmers market

COVID-19. PLEASE NOTE All events highlighted in Yellow are no longer proceeding and / or we have decided to support government efforts to help minimise the spread of the virus by not attending. Customer safety is our priority

LAST UPDATED 23 March 2020 Helmsley Farmers market
21st Knaresborough Farmers market


3rd York Farmers market
4th Hovingham Farmers market
5th Ilkley Farmers market
9th Harrogate Farmers market

11th Malton Farmers market

17th Helmsley Farmers market 
18th Knaresborough Farmers market
19th Skipton Farmers market


1st York Farmers market
2nd Hovingham Farmers market

2nd-3rd Harrogate Food Festival

9th Malton Farmers market
10th Ilkley Framers market
14th Harrogate Farmers market

15th-17th Pub in the Park Marlow

23rd-25th Malton Food Lovers Festival


5tt York Farmers market
6th Horsforth Farmers market
7th Ilkley Farmers market
11th Harrogate Farmers market

13th-14th Ilkely Food Festival
19th Helmsley Farmers market
20th Knaresborough Farmers market

21st Skipton Farmers market


3rd York Farmers market

4th Hosforth Farmers market

5th Ilkley Farmers market

9th Harrogate Farmers market

10th-12th Pub in the Park Tunbridge Wells

17th Helmsley Farmers market

18th-19th Yorkshire Dales Food Festival Skipton


1st  Horsforth Farmers market

2nd Ilkley Farmers market

7th York Farmers market

8th Malton Farmers market

13th Harrogate Farmers market

15th Knaresborough Farmers market

16th Skipton Farmers market

29th-31st Harrogate Food & Drink Festival

Some feedback!!

I dont like fudge but I have to tell you I love yours - amazing tatste. I have even got my friend to come and buy some of your butterr toffee fudge - wow!

Anon Ilkley Farmers market November 2019

I have to give a shoutout to Por Favour for our incredible favours> They were a wonderful company to work with and the two fudge flavours

were INSANE. so popular with our guests.

LJ via Instragram Aug 2019

I dont like fudge but I like this - so smooth so delicious. You have convereted me. Its not grainy and suggary.
Anon Baildon Farmers Market 2019

It just makes me smile - happy memories . Cherry Bakewell is like Hmmmm Cherry Bakewell!!
Anon Pub in The Park 2019

Recieved your fudge for Christmas we will definitely be buying more and recommending it to friends, it didn’t last long. Best fudge I have eaten  - AP Jan2018

We tried the sweetpotato and coconut ,  and vanilla fudge today . the vanilla was very tasty but the sweetpotato was amazing !!! my youngest daughter has a lactose intolerance so fudge usually out of the question but she wolfed this down and said was amazing which it was ! KF - Dec 2017

"Sweet potato fudge?!! You're having a laugh! ( he tried and loved it afterwards) :)

"My whole family loved it. Your fudge is such a treat"

  - B A       Jun 2017

"Bang goes my diet!  Great fudge!!!"

-  Jessica G   Apr 2017

"Best fudge ever! Hope to have more soon."

- AS from West Yorkshire      Feb 2017

I would recommend this fudge. It's the best handmade fudge I've ever tasted. It was a lovely addition to our wedding sweets table and it certainly went down a treat with our guests. I will definitely be purchasing more :). The CHOCO MALT CRUNCH & MINT CHOCO CAPPUCCINO flavours are divine. Thank you. x

- NJO  Feb 2017



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